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Estonian manors
Total of 96 manors

Alatskivi Municipality Haaslava Municipality Kambja Municipality Konguta Municipality
Laeva Municipality Luunja Municipality Meeksi Municipality Mäksa Municipality
Nõo Municipality Puhja Municipality Rannu Municipality Rõngu Municipality Tartu Town
Tartu Municipality Tähtvere Municipality Vara Municipality Võnnu Municipality
Ülenurme Municipality

Alatskivi Municipality
Alatskivi (Allatzkiwwi) knight manor
    Kokora (Kockora) knight manor

Haaslava Municipality
    Haaslava (Haselau) knight manor
    Hilja (Hiljamois) support manor of
    Haaslava manor
Kriimani (Brinkenhof) knight manor

Kambja Municipality
    Kambja church manor (Pastorat Kamby)
Kammeri (Duckershof) knight manor
    Kodijärve (Gothensee) knight manor
    Maidla (Maydellshof) support manor of Suure-Kambja manor
    Pangodi (Spankau) state manor
    Raanitsa (Neuhof) knight manor
    Suure-Kambja (Groß-Kamby)
    knight manor
    Vana-Kuuste (Alt-Kusthof) knight manor
    Vastse-Kambja (Neu-Kamby) knight manor

Konguta Municipality
Aru (Arrohof) knight manor
    Keeri (Kehrimois) knight manor
    Pala (Pallamois) support manor of Väike-Konguta manor
    Suure-Konguta (Schloß Kongota) knight manor
    Väike-Konguta (Klein-Kongota) knight manor

Laeva Municipality
    Kärevere (Kerrafer) knight manor
Laeva (Laiwa) knight manor

Luunja Municipality
    Kabina (Kabbina) knight manor
    Kavastu (Kawwast) knight manor
    Luunja (Lunia) knight manor
    Põvvatu (Pöwwato) support manor of
    Luunja manor
    Sirgu (Sirgo) support manor of Luunja manor
    Vanamõisa (Wannamois) support manor of Luunja manor
    Veibri (Timmofer) state manor

Meeksi Municipality
    Meeksi (Meeks) knight manor

Mäksa Municipality
    Kaagvere (Kawershof)
    knight manor
Mäksa (Mäxhof) knight manor
    Poka (Heidohof) knight manor
    Sarakuste (Sarrakus) knight manor
    Uue-Kastre (Kaster) knight manor
    Vana-Kastre (Altenturm) support manor of Kaagvere manor

Nõo Municipality
    Luke (Lugden) knight manor
Meeri (Meyershof) knight manor
    Nõo church manor (Pastorat Nüggen)
    Unipiha (Unnipicht) knight manor
    Vana-Nõo (Alt-Nüggen) state manor
    Vastse-Nõo (Neu-Nüggen) knight manor

Puhja Municipality
    Kavilda (Kawelecht) state manor
    Puhja church manor (Pastorat Kawelecht)
    Suure-Ulila (Ullila) knight manor
    Väike-Ulila (Uhlfeld) state manor

Rannu Municipality
    Aruselja (Arrosilla) support manor of Tamme manor
    Rannu (Schloß Randen)
    knight manor
    Rannu church manor (Pastorat
    Tamme (Tammenhof) state manor

Rõngu Municipality
    Rõngu church manor (Pastorat
    Suure-Rõngu (Schloß Ringen)
     knight manor
    Teedla (Thetlia) previous knight
Uderna (Uddern) knight manor
    Uue-Kirepi (Neu-Kirrumpäh) support manor of Vana-Kirepi manor
    Valguta (Walguta) knight manor
    Vana-Kirepi (Alt-Kirrumpäh) knight manor
    Väike-Rõngu (Klein-Ringen) state manor

Tartu Town
Jaama (Jama) town manor
    Karlova (Karlowa) knight manor
    Maarjamõisa (Marienhof) state manor
    Piiskopi (Bischofshof) state manor
    Raadi (Rathshof) knight manor
    Ropka (Ropkoy) knight manor
    Tartu-Maarja church manor
    (Pastorat Dorpat-St. Marien)
    Tähtvere (Techlefer) knight manor

Tartu Municipality
    Haava (Hawa) support manor of
    Vesneri manor
    Kaarli (Karlsberg) support manor of Tammistu manor
    Kukulinna (Kuckulin) knight manor
    Kärkna (Falkenau) state manor
    Maramaa (Marrama) knight manor
    Saadjärve (Sadjerw) knight manor
    Sootaga (Sotaga) town manor
    Taabri (Anrepshof) state manor
    Tammistu (Tammist) knight manor
    Tordi (Tordi) support manor of
    Taabri manor
    Vahi (Franzenhütte) semi-manor
    Vasula (Wassula) knight manor
    Vedu (Fehtenhof) knight manor
    Vesneri (Wesslershof) knight manor

Tähtvere Municipality
    Haage (Haakhof) church manor
Ilmatsalu (Ilmazahl) knight manor
    Vorbuse (Forbushof) knight manor

Vara Municipality
    Alajõe (Alajöe) support manor of
    Vara manor
    Kaarli (Karlsberg) support manor of Vara manor
    Kuusiku (Kunsika) support manor of Vara manor
    Vara (Warrol) knight manor
    Ätte (Aette) support manor of Vara manor

Võnnu Municipality
    Issaku (Issako) support manor of
    Kurista manor
    Kurista (Kurrista) knight manor
    Kõnnu (Aya-Kondo) support manor of
    Rasina manor
    Võnnu church manor (Pastorat Wenden)

Ülenurme Municipality
    Lemmatsi (Ruhenthal) semi-manor
    Reola (Rewold) knight manor
    Räni (Renningshof) knight manor
    Uhti (Ucht) support manor of Reola manor
Ülenurme (Uellenorm) knight manor

Maps are here available only by historical parishes, not by contemporary administrative distibution. If you are interested in location of any manor, you should go from the manor page to the corresponding parish page.
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