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Manors Of Contemporary Ida-Virumaa County
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Estonian manors
Total of 69 manors

Alajõe Municipality Aseri Municipality Avinurme Municipality Iisaku Municipality
Illuka Municipality Jõhvi Municipality Kohtla Municipality
Kohtla-Nõmme Municipality Lüganuse Municipality Maidla Municipality
Mäetaguse Municipality Narva Town Püssi Town Sillamäe Town
Sonda Municipality Toila Municipality Tudulinna Municipality Vaivara Municipality

Alajõe Municipality
    Vasknarva (Nyslott, later Syrenetz)
    state manor (previous order castle)

Aseri Municipality
    Aseri (Asserin) support manor of
    Koogu manor
Kalvi (Pöddes) knight manor
    Koogu (Kook) knight manor

Avinurme Municipality
    Avinurme (Awwinorm) state manor

Iisaku Municipality
    Iisaku (Isaak) knight manor
    Iisaku church manor (Pastorat Isaak)
    Kauksi (Kauks) knight manor
    Pootsiku (Potzik) support manor of
    Iisaku manor
    Tärivere (Terrefer) knight manor
    Uhe (Uhhe) semi-manor

Illuka Municipality
    Dubniku (Dubnik) support manor of
    Illuka manor
Illuka (Illuck) knight manor
    Kurtna (Kurtna) knight manor
    Ohakvere (Ahagfer) knight manor
    Permisküla (Permesküll) support manor of Pagari manor

Jõhvi Municipality
Edise (Schloß Etz) knight manor
    Jõhvi (Jewe) knight manor
    Jõhvi church manor (Pastorat Jewe)
    Sompa (Sompäh) knight manor
    Tammiku (Eichenhain) knight manor

Kohtla Municipality
Järve (Türpsal) knight manor
    Kukruse (Kuckers) knight manor
    Ontika (Ontika) knight manor
    Saka (Sackhof) knight manor
    Toila (Toila) knight manor

Kohtla-Nõmme Municipality
    Kohtla (Kochtel) knight manor

Lüganuse Municipality
Aa (Haakhof) knight manor
    Jabara (Jabbaro) support manor of
    Püssi manor
    Lüganuse church manor (Pastorat
    Purtse (Alt-Isenhof) support manor of
    Püssi manor

Maidla Municipality
    Hirmuse (Hirmus) knight manor
    Maidla (Maidel) knight manor

Mäetaguse Municipality
    Ereda (Errides) knight manor
Kiikla (Kiekel) knight manor
    Mäetaguse (Mehntack) knight manor
    Pagari (Paggar) knight manor

Narva Town
    Joala (Joala) knight manor (textile factory)
    Joaoru (Joachimstal) semi-manor (textile factory)

Püssi Town
    Püssi (Neu-Isenhof) knight manor

Sillamäe Town
    Päite (Peuthof) pastorate
    Sillamäe (Sillamäggi) semi-manor
    Türsamäe (Türsel) knight manor

Sonda Municipality
    Erra (Erras) knight manor

Toila Municipality
    Konju (Raustfer) support manor of Edise manor
    Oru (Orro) support manor of Pühajõe manor
    Pühajõe (Pühhajäggi) knight manor
    Vaivina (Sophienhof) knight manor
    Voka (Chudleigh) knight manor

Tudulinna Municipality
    Oonurme (Onorm) support manor of Tudulinna manor
    Rannapungerja (Ranna-Pungern) support manor of Pagari manor
    Tudulinna (Tuddolin) knight manor

Vaivara Municipality
    Arumäe (Samokraß) town manor
    Auvere (Ampfer) semi-manor
    Hermamäe (Hermannsberg) knight manor
    Jaama (Wichtisby) state manor
    Kudruküla (Kutterküll) town manor
    Laagna (Lagena) knight manor
    Meriküla (Merreküll) semi-manor
    Mustajõe (Mustajöggi) support manor of Laagna manor
    Olgina (Olgina) support manor of Hermamäe manor
    Repniku (Repnik) knight manor
    Riigi (Wasahof) semi-manor
    Suur-Soldina (Groß-Soldina) knight manor
    Sõtke (Sötküll) support manor of Türsamäe manor
    Vaivara (Waiwara) knight manor
    Vaivara church manor (Pastorat Waiwara)
    Vallisaare (Usnowa) semi-manor
    Väike-Soldina (Klein-Soldina) knight manor

Maps are here available only by historical parishes, not by contemporary administrative distibution. If you are interested in location of any manor, you should go from the manor page to the corresponding parish page.
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