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Estonian manors
Total of 141 manors

Kaarma Municipality Kihelkonna Municipality Kuressaare Town Kärla Municipality
Laimjala Municipality Leisi Municipality Lümanda Municipality Muhu Municipality
Mustjala Municipality Orissaare Municipality Piltla Municipality Pöide Municipality
Ruhnu Municipality
Salme Municipality Torgu Municipality Valjala Municipality

Kaarma Municipality
    Abruka (Abro) state manor
    Eikla (Euküll) knight manor
    Elme (Magnushof) knighthood manor
    Haamse (Hanpus) state manor
    Kaarma (Karmelhof) knight manor
    Kaarma church manor (Pastorat
    Kaarma-Loona (Klausholm)
    knight manor
    Kaarmise (Karmis) state manor
    Kasti (Kasty) knight manor
    Kaunivere (Kaunifer) support manor of Kaarma-Loona manor
    Kellamäe (Kellamäggi) knight manor
    Kudjape (Kudjapäh) knight manor
    Laadjala (Ladjall) knighthood manor
    Meedla (Medel) knight manor
    Mullutu (Mullut) knight manor
    Muratsi (Murratz) knight manor
    Parila (Pargel) support manor of Randvere manor
    Piila (Pihla) state manor
    Praakli (Brackelshof) state manor
    Pähkla (Pechel) state manor
    Randvere (Randefer) knight manor
    Sikassaare (Siksar) knight manor
    Tahula (Tahhul) state manor
    Tingiste (Tingist) town manor
    Uue-Kaarma (Neu-Karmel)
    knight manor
    Vestli (Wesseldorf) support manor
    of Meedla manor

Kihelkonna Municipality
    Kihelkonna church manor
   (Pastorat Kielkond)
    Loona (Kadwel) knight manor
    Oju (Ojo) support manor of
    Paju manor
    Paju (Pajomois) knight manor
    Pidula (Piddul) knight manor
    Rootsiküla (Rotziküll) knight manor
    Tagamõisa (Taggamois)
    state manor

Kuressaare Town
    Kaarma-Suuremõisa (Karmel-Großenhof) knighthood manor

Kärla Municipality
Kandla (Kandel) knight manor
    Kulli (Kulli) semi-manor
    Käesla (Kaesel) knight manor
    Kärla church manor (Pastorat Kergel)
    Mõnnuste (Mönnust) state manor
    Mäe-Nõmpa (Hoch-Nempa) semi-manor
    Oriküla (Orriküll) knighthood manor
    Paadla (Padel) knight manor
    Tergemäe (Terkimäggi) knight manor
    Vennarti (Fenieth) support manor of
    Paadla manor

Laimjala Municipality
Audla (Hauküll) knight manor
    Kahtla (Kachtla) state manor
    Kingli (Müllershof) knight manor
    Kõiguste (Koigust) state manor
    Laimjala (Laimjall) knight manor
    Saare (Holmhof) knighthood manor

Leisi Municipality
    Aru (Arromois) knight manor
    Karja (Karrishof) knight manor
    Karja church manor (Pastorat
    Koikla (Koiküll) knight manor
    Laugu (Laugo) knight manor
    Leisi (Laisberg) state manor
    Luulupe (Lulupae) knight manor
    Metsküla (Metzküll) knight manor
    Pamma (Herrenhof) knight manor
    Parasmetsa (Parrasmetz)
    knight manor
    Pärsama (Persama) state manor
    Roobaka (Ropaka) knight manor
    Triigi (Feckerort) knight manor

Lümanda Municipality
    Atla (Attel) state manor
    Karala (Karral) state manor
    Kotlandi (Gotland) state manor
    Kuusnõmme (Kusnöm) knight manor
    Lümanda (Lümmada) state manor
Pilguse (Hocheneichen) knight manor

Muhu Municipality
    Hellamaa (Hellama) state manor
    Kantsi (Ganzenhof) state manor
    Kapi (Kappimois) state manor
    Kuivastu (Kuiwast) knight manor
    Nurme (Nurms) state manor
    Muhu church manor (Pastorat Mohn)
Pädaste (Peddast) knight manor
    Rinsi (Grabbenhof) support manor of
    Kapi manor
    Suuremõisa (Mohn-Großenhof) state manor
    Tamse (Tamsal) state manor
    Võlla (Magnusdahl) knight manor

Mustjala Municipality
    Küdema (Kiddemetz) knight manor
    Mustjala (Mustelhof) state manor
    Mustjala church manor (Pastorat
    Ohtja (Ochtjas) support manor of
    Küdema manor
    Paatsa (Paatz) state manor

Orissaare Municipality
    Arju (Taggafer) knight manor
    Jaani church manor (Pastorat St. Johannis)
    Kareda (Karridahl) knight manor
    Kõinastu (Keinast) state manor
    Maasi (Masik) state manor
    Orissaare (Orrisaar) knight manor
    Rannaküla (Rannaküll) knight manor
    Taaliku (Thalik) knight manor
    Tumala (Thomel) knight manor

Pihtla Municipality
    Haeska (Hasik) knight manor
    Ilpla (Ilpel) state manor
    Kaali (Sall) knight manor
    Kangruselja (Kangern)
    knight manor
    Kõljala (Kölljall) knight manor
    Pihtla (Pichtendahl) knight manor
    Püha church manor (Pastorat
    Reo (Reo) state manor
    Sandla (Sandel) knight manor
    Tõlliste (Töllitz) knight manor

Pöide Municipality
    Keskvere (Keskfer) state manor
    Kübassaare (Kübbasaar) support manor of Uuemõisa manor
    Muraja (Murajo) support manor of Uuemõisa manor
    Oti (Peudehof) knight manor
    Pöide church manor (Pastorat
    Reina (Saltack) knight manor
    Uuemõisa (Neuenhof) state manor

Ruhnu Municipality
    Ruhnu church manor (Pastorat Runö)

Salme Municipality
    Anseküla church manor (Pastorat Anseküll)
    Lahetaguse (Lahhetagge)
    knight manor
    Lõmala (Lemmalsnäse) town manor
    Lõo (Leo) knight manor
    Tiinuse (Ficht) knight manor
    Tiirimetsa (Tirimetz) state manor

Torgu Municipality
    Jämaja church manor (Pastorat Jamma)
    Kargi (Karky) knight manor
    Kaunispe (Kaunispäh) knight manor
    Koltse (Koltz) support manor of Olbrüki manor
    Põdra (Pödra) support manor of Olbrüki manor
    Olbrüki (Olbrück) knight manor
    Saare (Zerell) support manor of Olbrüki manor
    Torgu (Torkenhof) state manor

Valjala Municipality
    Jööri (Jöör) knight manor
    Jürsi (Jührs) knight manor
    Kalli (Kalli) support manor of
    Sassi manor
    Kogula (Koggul) state manor
    Lööne (Köln) knight manor
    Mäe (Mäemois) support manor of
    Lööne manor
    Röösa (Rösarshof) state manor
    Sakla (Sakla) state manor
    Sassi (Kabbil) knight manor
    Uue-Lõve (Neu-Löwel) knighthood manor
    Valjala church manor (Pastorat Wolde)
    Vana-Lõve (Alt-Löwel) state manor
    Võhksa (Wexholm) knight manor

Maps are here available only by historical parishes, not by contemporary administrative distibution. If you are interested in location of any manor, you should go from the manor page to the corresponding parish page.
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