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The volume of the portal is rather limited as 95% of it has been financed from my own resources.

That is why the English and German versions of the portal have not been fully translated and at present contain only a small part of the information available in the original Estonian version. In order to manage the portal and carry out other activities related to manors, a non-profit organisation Alt-Livland NGO was established in 2004. But the mere fact that such an organisation exists does not necessarily help to develop the portal.

Perhaps you too would like to support the Estonian Manor Portal? If so, do not hesitate to contact me – the author of the portal and chairman of Alt-Livland NGO — via e-mail:

The present main supporters of the portals has been:

With respect to the glorious past of my homeland,

Valdo Praust

MTÜ Alt-Livland NGO
Author of the Estonian Manor Portal
Has visited all Estonian manors within the last decade

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