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Estonian manors
Total of 99 manors

Hanila Municipality Kullamaa Municipality Lihula Municipality Martna Municipality
Noarootsi Municipality Nõva Municipality Oru Municipality Ridala Municipality
Risti Municipality Taebla Municipality Vormsi Municipality

Hanila Municipality
    Hanila church manor (Pastorat Hannehl)
    Karuse church manor (Pastorat Karusen)
    Kiska (Kiska) support manor of Vatla manor
Massu (Massau) knight manor
    Mõisaküla (Moisaküll) support manor of Massu manor
    Vana-Virtsu (Schloß Werder) knight manor
    Uue-Virtsu (Neu-Werder)
    support manor of Vana-Virtsu manor
    Voose (Wosel) support manor of
    Massu manor
    Nehatu (Nehhat) support manor of
    Paatsalu manor
    Pivarootsi (Paulsruhe) knight manor
    Vatla (Wattel) knight manor

Kullamaa Municipality
    Jõgisoo (Joeggis) previous knight
    Kalju (Groß-Kaljo) knight manor
Koluvere (Schloß Lode) knight manor
    Kullamaa church manor (Pastorat
    Leila (Leilis) previous support manor of
    Kalju manor
    Liivi (Parmel) knight manor
    Päri (Kattentack) knight manor
    Suure-Kullamaa (Groß-Goldenbeck)
    semi-manor, previous knight manor
    Ubasalu (Neu-Parmel) semi-manor
    Vaikna (Waikna) support manor of Koluvere manor
    Väike-Kullamaa (Klein-Goldenbeck) support manor of Koluvere manor

Lihula Municipality
    Kirbla church manor (Pastorat Kirrefer)
    Kloostri (Klosterhof) knight manor
    Laulepa (Laulep) support manor of
    Matsalu manor
    Lautna (Lautel) knight manor
    Lihula (Schloß Leal) knight manor
    Lihula church manor (Pastorat Leal)
    Matsalu (Matzal) knight manor
    Penijõe (Pennijöggi) knight manor
    Rumba (Rumba) semi-manor
    Saastna (Sastama) knight manor
    Sause (Sauß) support manor of Lihula manor
    Seira (Seyer) support manor of Vanamõisa manor
    Sipa (Sippa) support manor of Lihula manor
    Tuudi (Tuttomäggi) knight manor
    Vanamõisa (Wannamois) knight manor

Martna Municipality
Ehmja (Echmes) knight manor
    Enivere (Sternberg) semi-manor
    Jõesse (Jesse) support manor of
    Võnnu manor
    Kasari (Kasargen) knight manor
    Keskküla (Kesküll) knight manor
    Keskvere (Keskfer) knight manor
    Kurevere (Kurrefer) support manor of Väike-Rõude manor
    Laiküla (Layküll) semi-manor
    Libumäe (Libbomäggi) previous support manor of Väike-Rõude manor
    Maalse (Maals) support manor of
    Ehmja manor
    Martna church manor (Pastorat Martens)
    Niinja (Niens) support manor of
    Suure-Lähtru manor
    Ohtla (Ochtel) knight manor
    Putkaste (Putkas) knight manor
    Rannamõisa (Vogelsang) knight manor
    Suure-Lähtru (Groß-Lechtigall) knight manor
    Suure-Rõude (Groß-Ruhde) knight manor
    Väike-Lähtru (Klein-Lechtigall) knight manor
    Väike-Rõude (Klein-Ruhde) knight manor

Noarootsi Municipality
    Aulepa (Dirslet) knight manor
    Noarootsi church manor (Pastorat
Nõmmküla (Nömmküll)
    support manor of Riguldi manor
    Paslepa (Paschlep) knight manor
    Pürksi (Birkas) knight manor
    Riguldi (Rickholtz) knight manor
    Saare (Lückholm) knight manor
    Sutlepa (Sutlep) support manor of Riguldi manor
    Tahu (Schottanäs) knight manor
    Vööla (Bysholm) knight manor

Nõva Municipality
    Nõva (Newe) knight manor

Oru Municipality
    Auaste (Wiesenau) knight manor
    Keedika (Kedik) knight manor
    Kärbla (Kerwel) support manor of Räägu Manor
    Niibi (Niby) knight manor
    Oru (Orrenhof) knight manor
Räägu (Hohenheim) knight manor
    Salajõe (Sallajöggi) knight manor
    Saunja (Saunja) semi-manor
    Seljaküla (Sellenküll) knight manor
    Tagavere (Tackfer) knight manor
    Uugla (Udenküll) knight manor
    Vidruka (Widdruck) support manor of
    Tagavere manor

Ridala Municipality
    Asuküla (Assoküll) knight manor
Haeska (Hasik) knight manor
    Kiideva (Kiwidepäh) knight manor
    Kiltsi (Weissenfeld) knight manor
    Käblaküla (Kebbeldorf) support manor of Käblamõisa manor
    Käblamõisa (Kebbelhof) knight manor
    Lauguta (Laukota) knight manor
    Mäemõisa (Berghof) knight manor
    Parila (Pargel) knight manor
    Ridala church manor (Pastorat Roethel)
    Saardu (Saaardo) support manor of
    Kiideva manor
    Saunja (Saunja) support manor of
    Uuemõisa manor
    Sinalepa (Sinnalep) knight manor
    Sündepää (Sündepä) support manor
    of Kiltsi manor
    Tamma (Tamma) support manor of
    Kiltsi manor
    Ungru (Linden) knight manor
    Uuemõisa (Neuenhof) knight manor
    Võnnu (Wenden) knight manor

Risti Municipality
Kuijõe (Kuijöggi) knight manor
    Piirsalu (Piersal) knight manor

Taebla Municipality
    Hardu (Hardo) semi-manor
    Kirimäe (Kirrimäggi) knight manor
    Leediküla (Lediküll) semi-manor
    Lääne-Nigula church manor (Pastorat
    Roosna (Rosenhof) support manor of
    Kirimäe manor
    Palivere (Pallifer) knight manor
    Taebla (Taibel) knight manor

Vormsi Municipality
    Suuremõisa (Magnushof) state manor
    Söderbi (Söderby) support manor of Suuremõisa manor
    Vormsi church manor (Pastorat Worms)

Maps are here available only by historical parishes, not by contemporary administrative distibution. If you are interested in location of any manor, you should go from the manor page to the corresponding parish page.
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