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Estonian manors
Total of 69 manors

Helme Municipality Hummuli Municipality Karula Municipality Otepää Municipality
Palupera Municipality Puka Municipality Põdrala Municipality Sangaste Municipality
Taheva Municipality Tõlliste Municipality Valga Town Õru Municipality

Helme Municipality
    Jõgeveste (Beckhof) knight manor
Helme (Schloß Helmet) knight manor
    Helme church manor (Pastorat Helmet)
    Holdre (Hollershof) knight manor
    Koorküla (Korküll) knight manor
    Patküla (Owerlack) knight manor
    Roobe (Ropenhof) knight manor
    Taagepera (Wagenküll) knight manor
    Taagepera-Vanamõisa (Alt-Wagenküll) support manor of
    Taagepera manor

Hummuli Municipality
    Aitsra (Adscher) support manor of
    Ala manor
    Ala (Assikas) knight manor
    Asu (Assuma) support manor of
    Koorküla manor
    Hummuli (Hummelshof) knight manor

Karula Municipality
Kaagjärve (Kawershof) knight manor
    Kaagjärve-Mäemõisa (Grotenhof, Kawershof-Fabrik)
    support manor of Kaagjärve manor
    Karula (Karolen) knight manor
    Karula church manor (Pastorat Karolen)
    Pikkjärve (Langensee) support manor of
    Karula manor
    Rebasemõisa (Repsberg)
    support manor of Karula manor

Otepää Municipality
    Anne (Annenhof, Koik-Annenhof) knight manor
    Arula (Arrol) knight manor
    Ilmjärve (Ilmjärw) state manor
    Kastolatsi (Kastolatz) state manor
    Koigu (Koik) knight manor
    Nüpli (Knippelshof) state manor
    Otepää church manor (Pastorat Odenpäh)
    Pilkuse (Bremenhof) knight manor
Pühajärve (Heiligensee, Wollust) knight manor
    Truuta (Gertrudenhof) knight manor
    Vana-Otepää (Schloß Odenpäh) state manor
    Vidrike (Friedrichshof) knight manor

Palupera Municipality
Hellenurme (Hellenorm)
    knight manor
    Neeruti (Megel) knight manor
    Palupera (Palloper) knight manor
    Päidla (Samhof) knight manor

Puka Municipality
Aakre (Ayakar) knight manor
    Kuigatsi (Löwenhof) knight manor
    Puka (Bockenhof, Alt-Bockenhof) knight manor
    Soontaga (Sontack) knight manor
    Uue-Puka (Neu-Bockenhof) support manor of Puka manor

Põdrala Municipality
    Leebiku (Abenkat) knight manor
    Lõve (Lauenhof) knight manor
    Murikatsi (Murrikatz) support manor of
    Kärstna manor
    Riidaja (Morsel Podrigel) knight manor
    Vanamõisa (Althof) support manor of
    Leebiku manor

Sangaste Municipality
Keeni (Könhof) knight manor
    Pringi (Brinkenhof) knight manor
    Restu (Rösthof) knight manor
    Sangaste (Schloß Sagnitz)
    knight manor
    Sangaste church manor (Pastorat
    Vaalu (Wahlenhof) knight manor

Taheva Municipality
    Hargla church manor (Pastorat Harjel)
    Koikküla (Koiküll) knight manor
    Laanemetsa (Lannemetz)
    knight manor
    Taheva (Taiwola) knight manor
    Tidriküla (Didriküll) support manor of Taheva manor

Tõlliste Municipality
    Iigaste (Igast) knight manor
    Laatre (Fölk) knight manor
Paju (Luhde-Großhof) knight manor
    Sooru (Soorhof) knight manor
    Tõlliste (Teilitz) knight manor
    Vastse-Tõlliste (Neu-Teilitz) support manor of Tõlliste manor

Valga Town
    Kapsta (Neu-Engelhardtshof) semi-manor
    Laatsi (Wichmannshof) semi-manor
    Oosoli (Alexandershof) town manor
    Valga church manor (Pastorat Walk)
    Vidriku (Friedrichshof) semi-manor

Õru Municipality
Lota (Charlottenthal) knight manor
    Uniküla (Unniküll) knight manor

Maps are here available only by historical parishes, not by contemporary administrative distibution. If you are interested in location of any manor, you should go from the manor page to the corresponding parish page.
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