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Estonian manors
At the end of the Middle Ages, there were around five hundred manors in Estonia. About a hundred of them were built as stone fortresses. Fortified manors (vassals’ strongholds) varied from small tower-fortresses (Vao, Kiiu) to larger buildings (Angerja, Järve) and big ensembles with courtyards (Kalvi, Virtsu).

One of the best preserved Medieval fortress-manors in Estonia is the Vao tower-fortress in Virumaa. It has preserved its full Medieval form. Kiiu and Purtse and a large part of the Järve fortress-manor have also been preserved and restored. Several Medieval fortress-manors have been partly preserved in fragments inside later manor houses (Kiltsi manor in Virumaa, Kiltsi manor in Läänemaa, Kasti in Läänemaa, Maidla in Juuru parish in Harjumaa, Kose-Uuemõisa in Harjumaa, Albu in Järvamaa and others).


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