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Estonian manors
Nappel in Kirchspiel Jürgens, Harrien

The manor house was first mentioned in 1510. It then belonged to the Cisterian Nunnery of Tallinn. It is believed to have been a stronghold back then but only a small hill remains from those days.

The present main building – a modest one-storey stone house – was probably constructed in the 19th century. At the end of the 20th century the manor house was transferred into private possession and a balcony was added to the facade of the building. The manor provides some tourism services.

Additional information:,, ph. +372 611 3530, +372 55 978 285.

By the historical distribution the manor was in Jüri Parish in Harjumaa County. By the present administrative distribution it belongs to the Kiili Municipality in Harjumaa County.

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