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Estonian manors
Total of 22 manors

Emmaste Municipality Kõrgessaare Municipality Käina Municipality Kärdla Town
Pühalepa Municipality

Emmaste Municipality
    Emmaste church manor (Pastorat Emmast)
Emmaste (Emmast) knight manor

Kõrgessaare Municipality
    Kõrgessaare (Hohenholm) knight manor
    Kõpu (Köppo) previous knight manor
    Lauka (Lauk) support manor of Kõrgessaare manor
    Reigi church manor (Pastorat Roicks)
    Viskoosa (Hohelholm-Viscosa) factory complex as a semi-manor

Käina Municipality
    Aadma (Ahdma) support manor of
    Vaemla manor
    Kassari (Kassar) knight manor
    Käina church manor (Pastorat Keinis)
    Orjaku (Orjack) support manor of
    Emmaste manor
    Putkaste (Putkas) knight manor
    Vaemla (Waimel) knight manor

Kärdla Town
    Kärdla (Kertel) cloth factory as a knight manor

Pühalepa Municipality
    Kärdlamõisa (Kertelhof) support manor of Suuremõisa manor
    Loja (Loja) support manor of Suuremõisa manor
Partsi (Pardas) support manor of Suuremõisa manor
    Pühalepa church manor (Pastorat Pühhalep)
    Soonlepa (Soonlep) support manor of Suuremõisa manor
    Suuremõisa (Großenhof, Dagö-Großenhof) knight manor
    Vilivalla (Williwalla) support manor of Suuremõisa manor

Maps are here available only by historical parishes, not by contemporary administrative distibution. If you are interested in location of any manor, you should go from the manor page to the corresponding parish page.
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