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Kirchspiel Jörden in Harrien

The parish belonged to the historical Harjumaa County (Harrien) and consisted of 21 manors - 1 church manor, 10 knight manors (with 5 support manors), 1 semi-manor (as a support manor) and 2 knighthood manors with 2 support manors.

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    Juuru church manor (Pastorat Jörden)
    Atla (Gross-Attel, Attel) knight manor
    Härgla (Herküll) knight manor
    Hiiru (Klein-Attel) support manor of Atla manor
    Hõreda (Hoerdel) knight manor
    Ingliste (Haehl) knight manor
    Järlepa (Jerlep) knight manor
    Juuru (Joerden) support manor of Maidla manor
    Kädva (Kedwa) support manor of Purila manor
    (before 1875 knight manor)
    Kaiu (Kay) knighthood manor
    Karitsa (Karritz) support manor of Kaiu manor
    Kuimetsa (Kuimetz) knighthood manor
    Mahtra (Machters) knight manor
    Maidla (Maidel) knight manor
    Oraniku (Orranik) support manor of Kaiu manor
    Pae (Payel) support manor of Hõreda manor
    Pirgu (Pirk) knight manor
    Purila (Purgel) knight manor
    Põlliku (Pöllik, Forstei Pöllik) support manor of Maidla manor
    Seli (Sellie) knight manor
    Umbru (Ummern) support manor of Järlepa manor

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