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Kirchspiel Kielkond in Oesel

The parish belonged to the historical Saaremaa County (Oesel) and consisted of 14 manors - 1 church manor, 7 knight manors (with 1 support manor) and 5 state manors.

Kihelkonna Parish Church Pidula Manor Paju Manor Loona Manor Pilguse Manor Mustjala Parish Kärla Parish Anseküla Parish Start Page

    Kihelkonna church manor (Pastorat
    Atla (Attel) state manor
    Karala (Karral) state manor
    Kotlandi (Gotland) state manor
    Kuusnõmme (Kusnöm) knight manor
    Lahetaguse (Lahhentagge)
    knight manor
    Loona (Kadvel) knight manor
    Lümanda (Lümmada) state manor
    Oju (Ojo) support manor of Paju manor
    Paju (Pajomois) knight manor
    Pidula (Piddul) knight manor
    Pilguse (Hoheneichen) knight manor
    Rootsiküla (Rotziküll) knight manor
    Tagamõisa (Taggamois) state manor

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