Vana-Antsla Manor
Schloß Anzen in Kirchspiel Anzen, Kreis Werro

The manor, which belonged to the von Uexkülls, was first mentioned in 1405 and it had been developed as a fortified dwelling. The manor was later for longer periods of time associated with the von Löwensterns and von Ungern-Sternbergs.

The current single-storey main building was built in several stages from the 18th to the 20th centuries and it is possible that it also includes the walls of the fortified dwelling. For a long time, there was an agricultural school operating in the building.

A couple of kilometres away there is the family cemetery of the estate owners, the von Ungern-Sternbergs.

By the historical distribution the manor was in Urvaste Parish in Võrumaa County. By the present administrative distribution it belongs to the Antsla Municipality in Võrumaa County.