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Estonian manors
Total of 84 manors

Are Municipality Audru Municipality Halinga Municipality Häädemeeste Municipality
Kaisma Municipality Kihnu Municipality Koonga Municipality Pärnu Town Paikuse Municipality
Saarde Municipality Sauga Municipality Surju Municipality Tahkuranna Municipality
Tõstamaa Municipality Varbla Municipality Vändra Settlement Vändra Municipality
Tori Municipality

Are Municipality
    Are (Arrohof) knight manor
    Suigu (Suik) state manor

Audru Municipality
    Ahaste (Ahhast) support manor of Rindali manor
Audru (Audern) knight manor
    Audru church manor (Pastorat Audern)
    Jõõpre (Jaepern) state manor
    Kambi (Kambi) support manor of Sauga manor
    Lindi (Woldenhof) support manor of
    Audru manor
    Rindali (Friedenthal) knight manor
    Võlla (Wölla) state manor

Halinga Municipality
    Enge (Enge) state manor
Halinga (Hallick) knight manor
    Kaelase (Kailes) knight manor
    Kangru (Konstanzenhof) support manor of
    Halinga manor
    Pärnu-Jaagupi church manor (Pastorat
    St. Jakobi
    Libatse (Wildenau) knight manor
    Pööravere (Pörafer) knight manor
    Roodi (Sallentack) knight manor
    Sõõrike (Sörik) support manor of
    Parasmaa manor
    Uduvere (Uddafer) support manor of
    Enge manor
    Vahenurme (Wahhenorm) knight manor
    Vee (Wehof) state manor

Häädemeeste Municipality
    Häädemeeste (Gudmannsbach) state manor
    Häädemeeste church manor (Pastorat Gudmannsbach)
    Orajõe (Orrenhof) state manor

Kaisma Municipality
    Annamõisa (Annenhof) support manor of Pööravere manor
    Kaisma (Kaisma) knight manor
    Kergu (Kerkau) support manor of Kõnnu manor
    Kõnnu (Könno) knight manor

Kihnu Municipality
    Kihnu (Kühno) state manor

Koonga Municipality
    Aru (Arrohof) support manor of Keblaste manor
    Kalli (Kallie) state manor
    Karinõmme (Karinömme) support manor of Oidrema manor
    Keblaste (Keblas) knight manor
    Koonga (Kokenkau) state manor
    Kõima (Kaima) knight manor
    Mihkli church manor (Pastorat
    St. Michaelis
    Oidrema (Oidenorm) knight manor
    Parasmaa (Parrasma) state manor
    Veltsa (Weltz) support manor of
    Keblaste manor
    Võrungi (Wörring) state manor

Pärnu Town
    Pärnu-Eliisabeti church manor (Pastorat Pernau-St. Elisabeth)
    Rääma (Rawasaar) town manor
Sauga (Sauck) town manor

Paikuse Municipality
    Reiu (Reidenhof) town manor
    Sindi (Zintenhof) knight manor
    Vaskrääma (Waldhof) knight manor

Saarde Municipality
Jäärja (Saarahof) knight manor
    Kilingi (Kurkund) state manor
    Kärsu (Kersel) support manor of
    Voltveti manor
    Laiksaare (Laiksaar) state manor
    Pati (Pattenhof) state manor
    Saarde church manor (Pastorat Saara)
    Tali (Freyhof) knight manor
    Tuuliku (Thule) support manor of Tali manor
    Voltveti (Tignitz) knight manor

Sauga Municipality
Tammiste (Tammist) knight manor

Surju Municipality
    Surju (Surry) support manor of
    Uulu manor

Tahkuranna Municipality
Uulu (Uhla) knight manor
    Tahkuranna (Tackerort) state manor

Tõstamaa Municipality
    Kastna (Kastna) town manor
    Kõpu (Keppo) support manor of
    Pootsi manor
Pootsi (Podis) knight manor
    Seliste (Sellie) state manor
    Tõstamaa (Testama) knight manor
    Tõstamaa church manor (Pastorat Testama)
    Vaiste (Waist) knight manor

Varbla Municipality
    Illuste (Illust) support manor of
    Paatsalu manor
    Mõtsu (Metzeboe) knight manor
    Orasaare (Orrasaar) support manor of
    Saulepi manor
    Paadrema (Padenorm) knight manor
    Paatsalu (Patzal) knight manor
    Saulepi (Saulep) knight manor
    Uue-Varbla (Neu-Werpel) knight manor
    Vana-Varbla (Alt-Werpel) knight manor
    Varbla church manor (Pastorat Werpel)

Värndra Settlement
    Vana-Vändra (Alt-Fennern) knight manor

Vändra Municipality
    Rõusa (Karlshof) support manor of Uue-Vändra manor
    Uue-Vändra (Neu-Fennern) knight manor
    Viluvere (Willofer) state manor
Võidula (Karolinenhof) semi-manor
    Vändra church manor (Pastorat Fennern)

Tori Municipality
Taali (Staelenhof) knight manor
    Tori (Torgel) knight manor
    Tori church manor (Pastorat Torgel)

Maps are here available only by historical parishes, not by contemporary administrative distibution. If you are interested in location of any manor, you should go from the manor page to the corresponding parish page.
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