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Estonian manors
Total of 78 manors

Abja Municipality Halliste Municipality Kõo Municipality Kõpu Municipality
Karksi Municipality Kolga-Jaani Municipality Paistu Municipality Pärsti Municipality
Saarepeedi Municipality Suure-Jaani Municipality Tarvastu Municipality
Viiratsi Municipality Viljandi Town

Abja Municipality
    Abja (Abia) knight manor
    Laatre (Moiseküll) knight manor
    Penuja (Penneküll) knight manor
    Vanamõisa (Friedrichsheim)
    knight manor
    Veelikse (Felix) knight manor

Halliste Municipality
    Halliste church manor (Pastorat Hallist)
    Kaarli (Karlsberg) support manor of Õisu manor
    Kaubi (Neu-Bornhusen) knight manor
    Pekre (Pekker) support manor of Vana-Kariste manor
    Pornuse (Alt-Bornhusen) knight manor
    Uue-Kariste (Neu-Karrishof) knight manor
    Vana-Kariste (Alt-Karrishof) state manor
    Õisu (Euseküll) knight manor

Kõo Municipality
    Arussaare (Arrosaar) state manor
Kõo (Wolmarshof) state manor
    Loopre (Loper) knight manor
    Paenasti (Pajusby) knight manor
    Pilistvere church manor (Pastorat

Kõpu Municipality
    Kõpu church manor (Pastorat Fellin-Köppo)
Suure-Kõpu (Groß-Köppo) knight manor

Karksi Municipality
    Karksi (Schloß Karkus)
    knight manor
    Karksi church manor (Pastorat
    Morna (Morne) knight manor
    Polli (Poll) knight manor
    Pöögle (Böcklershof) knight manor
    Tuhalaane (Tuhhalane)
    state manor

Kolga-Jaani Municipality
    Kolga-Jaani church manor (Pastorat Klein-St. Johannis)
Soosaare (Soosaar) knight manor

Paistu Municipality
    Aidu (Aidenhof) state manor
    Holstre (Holstfershof) state manor
Loodi (Kersel) knight manor
    Paistu church manor (Pastorat Paistel)
    Pirmastu (Pirmast) support manor of Holstre manor
    Vasila (Wasila) support manor of
    Holstre manor

Pärsti Municipality
Heimtali (Heimthal) knight manor
    Pinska (Lapinsky) support manor of
    Puiatu manor
    Puiatu (Pujat) knight manor
    Päri (Ningal) knight manor
    Pärsti (Perst) knight manor
    Vana-Pärsti (Alt-Perst) support manor of Pärsti manor
    Vardi (Schwarzhof) knight manor
    Väike-Kõpu (Klein-Köppo) state manor

Saarepeedi Municipality
    Karula (Neu-Woidoma, Karolen)
    knight manor
    Väikemõisa (Kleinhof) support manor of
    Karula manor
    Välgita (Welketa) state manor

Suure-Jaani Municipality
Aimla (Aimel) knight manor
    Jaska (Jaskamois) knight manor
    Lahmuse (Lachmes) knight manor
    Lõhavere (Lehowa) knight manor
    Navesti (Nawwast) knight manor
    Olustvere (Ollustfer) knight manor
    Reegoldi (Weibstfer) state manor
    Suure-Jaani church manor (Pastorat
    Groß-St. Johannis
    Sürgavere (Surgefer) knight manor
    Taevere (Taifer) state manor
    Vastemõisa (Wastemois) state manor
    Ängi (Enge) knight manor

Tarvastu Municipality
    Anikatsi (Anikatz) support manor of
    Tarvastu church manor (Pastorat Tarwast)
    Tuhalaane manor
    Jõksi (Jöxi) support manor of
    Tuhalaane manor
    Kuressaare (Kurresaar) state manor
    Kärstna (Kerstenhof) knight manor
    Orava (Orrawa) support manor of
    Kuressaare manor
    Pahuvere (Willust) knight manor
    Saare (Saaremois) state manor
    Savi (Sawi) support manor of
    Kuressaare manor
    Tarvastu (Schloß Tarwast) knight manor
    Uue-Suislepa (Neu-Suislep) knight manor
    Vana-Suislepa (Alt-Suislep) state manor
    Vooru (Worroküll) state manor

Viiratsi Municipality
    Tusti (Tustenhof) knight manor
    Tännassilma (Alt-Tennasilm) state manor
    Uusna (Neu-Tennasilm)
    knight manor
    Vana-Võidu (Alt-Woidoma)
     knight manor
    Viiratsi (Wieratz) town manor

Viljandi Town
Viljandi (Schloß Fellin)
    knight manor
    Viljandi church manor (Pastorat Fellin-Land)

Maps are here available only by historical parishes, not by contemporary administrative distibution. If you are interested in location of any manor, you should go from the manor page to the corresponding parish page.
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