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Estonian manors
Total of 66 manors

Jõgeva Municipality Pajusi Municipality Pala Municipality Palamuse Municipality
Puurmani Municipality Põltsamaa Town Põltsamaa Municipality Saare Municipality
Tabivere Municipality Torma Municipality

Jõgeva Municipality
    Jõgeva (Laisholm) knight manor
    Kassinurme (Kassinorm)
    knight manor
    Kivijärve (Kibbijerw) knight manor
    Kuremaa (Jensel) knight manor
    Kurista (Kurrista) knight manor
    Kärde (Kardis) knight manor
    Laiuse (Schloß Lais) state manor
    Laiuse church manor (Pastorat Lais)
    Mõra (Morra) knight manor
    Pakaste (Pakkast) support manor of Jõgeva manor
    Ripuka (Rippoka) knight manor
    Selli (Sellie) knight manor
    Soomevere (Sommefer) support manor of Kuremaa manor
    Tirma (Tirmast) support manor of Vaimastvere manor
    Vaimastvere (Waimastfer) knight manor
    Võikvere (Woitfer) support manor of Kuremaa manor
    Vägeva (Wäggewa) support manor of Liigvalla manor

Pajusi Municipality
    Kaave (Kawa) support manor of
    Kurista manor
Pajusi (Pajus) knight manor
    Tapiku (Tappik) knight manor

Pala Municipality
Kadrina (Hohensee) knight manor
    Kodavere church manor (Pastorat Koddafer)
    Pala (Palla) knight manor
    Ranna (Tellerhof) knight manor

Palamuse Municipality
    Imukvere (Immofer) knight manor
    Kaarepere (Kersel) knight manor
Kudina (Kudding) knight manor
    Luua (Ludenhof) knight manor
    Palamuse church manor (Pastorat
    St. Bartholomäi
    Visusti (Wissust) knight manor

Puurmani Municipality
    Härjanurme (Herjanorm) knight manor
    Kursi church manor (Pastorat Talkhof)
Puurmani (Schloß Talkhof) knight manor
    Saduküla (Saddoküll) town manor

Põltsamaa Town
Põltsamaa (Schloß Oberpahlen) knight manor
    Põltsamaa church manor (Pastorat Oberpahlen)
    Uue-Põltsamaa (Neu-Oberpahlen) knight manor

Põltsamaa Municipality
Adavere (Addafer) knight manor
    Kaavere (Kawershof) support manor of Kurista manor
    Kaliküla (Kalliküll) support manor of Lustivere manor
    Lustivere (Lustifer) knight manor
    Mällikvere (Melligfer) support manor of Uue-Põltsamaa manor
    Võisiku (Woiseck) knight manor

Saare Municipality
    Halliku (Hallick) knight manor
    Jõe (Jaegel) knight manor
    Tarakvere (Terrestfer) knight manor
    Roela (Rojel) knight manor
Saare (Saarenhof) knight manor
    Vanamõisa (Althof) support manor of Saare manor

Tabivere Municipality
    Elistvere (Ellistfer) knight manor
    Kaiavere (Kayafer) knight manor
    Maarja-Magdaleena church manor (Pastorat St. Marien-Magdalenen)
    Mäe (Maehof) knight manor
    Tabivere (Tabbifer) knight manor
    Äksi church manor (Pastorat

Torma Municipality
    Kõnnu (Kondo)knight manor
    Leedi (Ledis) knight manor
    Lilastvere (Lilastfer) support manor of Torma manor
    Rahuoru (Friedenthal) support manor of Torma manor
    Reastvere (Restfer) knight manor
    Rääbise (Repshof) knight manor
Torma (Torma) knight manor
    Torma church manor (Pastorat Torma)
    Tõikvere (Toikfer) knight manor
    Tähkvere (Flemmingshof) state manor
    Vaiatu (Somel) knight manor
    Vanamõisa (Alt-Padefest) support manor of Torma manor
    Võtikvere (Wottigfer) support manor of Tähkvere manor

Maps are here available only by historical parishes, not by contemporary administrative distibution. If you are interested in location of any manor, you should go from the manor page to the corresponding parish page.
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