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Estonian manors
Total of 65 manors

Ahja Municipality Kanepi Municipality Kõlleste Municipality Laheda Municipality
Mikitamäe Municipality Mooste Municipality Orava Municipality
Põlva Municipality Räpina Municipality Valgjärve Municipality Vastse-Kuuste Municipality
Veriora Municipality

Ahja Municipality
    Ahja (Aya) knight manor

Kanepi Municipality
    Erastvere (Errestfer) knight manor
    Heisri (Neu-Pigant) knight manor
    Hurmi (Hurmi) knight manor
    Jõksi (Jexi) support manor of Karste manor
    Kaagri (Kagrimois) support manor of Kooraste manor
    Kanepi church manor (Pastorat Kannapäh)
    Karste (Karstemois) knight manor
Kooraste (Korast) knight manor
    Peetrimõisa (Petrimois) support manor of Sõmerpalu manor
    Piigandi (Alt-Pigant) knight manor
    Sõreste (Serrist) knight manor

Kõlleste Municipality
    Karaski (Karraski) knight manor
    Krootuse (Köllitz) knight manor
    Tõdu (Tödwenshof) knight manor
Vana-Piigaste (Alt-Pigast) knight manor
    Vana-Prangli (Alt-Wrangelshof) knight manor
    Veskimõisa (Mühlenhof) knight manor

Laheda Municipality
Joosu (Waimel-Neuhof) knight manor
    Pragi (Alexandershof) knight manor
    Põlgaste (Pölks) knight manor
    Tilsi (Tilsit) knight manor
    Vana-Koiola (Alt-Koiküll-Kirrumpäh) state manor

Mikitamäe Municipality
    Kahkva (Kachkowa) knight manor

Mooste Municipality
Mooste (Moisekatz) knight manor
    Rasina (Rasin) knight manor

Orava Municipality
    Orava (Waldeck) knight manor
    Praakmanni (Brakmannshof) support manor of Loosi manor

Põlva Municipality
    Kiuma (Kioma) knight manor
    Kähri (Heimadra) state manor
    Lepa (Leppa) support manor of
    Kähri manor
    Partsi (Parzimois) knight manor
    Peri (Perrist) knight manor
    Põlva church manor (Pastorat
    Saarjärve (Saarjerw) knight manor
    Uibujärve (Appelsee) knight manor

Räpina Municipality
    Mägiotsa (Katharinenhof) support manor of Räpina manor
    Naha (Nahha) support manor of
    Meeski manor
    Rahumäe (Friedholm)
    knight manor
    Raigla (Raigla) support manor of
    Räpina manor
    Räpina (Rappin) knight manor
    Räpina church manor (Pastorat
    Toolamaa (Tolama) knight manor
    Võõpsu (Wöbs) support manor of Räpina manor

Valgjärve Municipality
    Krüüdneri (Krüdnershof) knight manor
    Mügra (Bellevue) support manor of Karste manor
Pikajärve (Langensee, Johannishof) knight manor
    Saverna (Sawwern) knight manor
    Soodla (Neu-Pigast) knight manor
    Tamme (Tammen) knight manor
    Valgjärve (Weißensee) knight manor

Vastse-Kuuste Municipality
    Kiidjärve (Kiddijerw) knight manor
    Leevi (Lewiküll) support manor of Vastse-Kuuste manor
    Lootvina (Lothwen, Alt-Lothwen) support manor of Vastse-Kuuste manor
    Vastse-Kuuste (Neu-Kusthof) knight manor

Veriora Municipality
    Leevi (Löweküll) knight manor
    Maaska (Maaska) support manor of Timo manor
    Palo (Pallamois) knight manor
    Timo (Klein-Koiküll-Kirrumpäh) state manor
    Vastse-Koiola (Neu-Koiküll-Kirrumpäh) knight manor
    Veriora (Paulenhof) knight manor
    Viira (Wiera) knight manor

Maps are here available only by historical parishes, not by contemporary administrative distibution. If you are interested in location of any manor, you should go from the manor page to the corresponding parish page.
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