Kose Parish
Kirchspiel Kosch in Harrien

The parish belonged to the historical Harjumaa County (Harrien) and consisted of 25 manors - 1 church manor, 12 knight manors (with 8 support manors), 3 semi-manors and 1 manor which status was later cancelled.
    Kose church manor (Pastorat Kosch)
    Aela or Aeli (Aela) support manor
    of Vana-Harmi manor
    Alavere (Allafer) knight manor
    Habaja (Habbat) knight manor
    Nõmbra (Nömbra) semi-manor
    Nõmme (Nömmemois) support manor
    of Ravila manor
    Nutu (Nutz) previous (with cancelled
    status) knight manor
    Oru (Orrenhof) support manor of Tuhala manor
    Palvere (Pallfer) support manor of Ravila manor
    Paunküla (Paunküll) knight manor
    Pikavere (Pickfer) knight manor
    Pikva (Pickwa) knight manor
    Ravila (Meks) knight manor
    Rooküla (Rohküll) support manor of Lagedi manor
    Saarnakõrve (Sarnakorb) knight manor
    Saia (Saia) support manor of Ravila manor
    Saumetsa (Saumetz) semi-manor
    Sõmeru (Sommerhof) support manor of Ravila manor
    Sääsküla (Säsküll) semi-manor
    Tammiku (Tammik) knight manor
    Triigi (Kau) support manor of Paunküla manor
    Tuhala (Toal) knight manor
    Uue-Harmi (Neu-Harm) knight manor
    Uuemõisa or Kose-Uuemõisa (Neuenhof, Neuenhof-Kosch) knight manor
    Vana-Harmi or Ojasoo (Alt-Harm) knight manor